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28 Years : Journalism for Sustainability


Nepal Forum of Environmental journalists (NEFEJ) is a leader among non-governmental organizations working to raise public awareness on the environment, sustainable development, and other social issues.

Since its establishment in 1986, NEFEJ – popularly known as Forum – has been involved in advocacy through television, radio and print journalism to bring information on environment and development to the general public and raise awareness, deliver social justice and equity, and encourage conservation at local as well as national levels.

Through its major activities – categorized into four broad fields of public information, advocacy and lobbing, promotion of environmental media resource – NEFEJ fulfills its objective by sensitizing journalists, government leaders, policy and decision makers, and the general public about environment and development issues.

A body of committed journalists and experts in their fields, NEFEJ strives to conserve Nepal’s rich natural environment and bio-diversity with a democratic and professional organizational structure.

The general body, that comprises all its members, is the supreme policy-making body of NEFEJ. The general body meets every year at the annual general meeting (AGM) which elects 13 members to the executive body for a two-year term. The executive committee is answerable to the general body and is responsible for implementing the AGM’s decisions.

There are four different categories of NEFEJ membership – full, expert, institutional, and honorary. Journalists with specific and special interest is raising environmental awareness are eligible for full membership. Expert membership is given to Nepali experts and others who are involved in the field of environment conservation. Institutional membership is awarded to any legally constituted organization or institution that shares the Forum’s overall ideals and is involved directly or indirectly, in environmental protection and sustainable development. Finally, honorary membership is given to those NEFEJ wishes to reward for their continued support.

As a result of its focused efforts and its deliberately structured organization, NEFEJ is not only praised within the Nepali context but is respected internationally.

NEFEJ has been presented several environmental awards and recognitions for proven leadership in its field. NEFEJ is a member of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and the Asia Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists (APFEJ) and is a founding member of the International Federation of Environmental Journalists (IFEJ).


News from NEFEJ

  • 16.04.13
    १८औँ वन्यजन्तु सप्ताह, २०७० ‘‘मानव–वन्यजन्तु द्वन्द्वन्यूनीकरणका लागि सहकार्य गरौं’’ भन्ने नाराका साथ देशभर विभिन्नकार्यक्रमको आयोजना गरी सम्पन्नभइरहेको छ । हरेकवर्ष वैशाख १–७गतेसम्मवन्यजन्तु सप्ताहमनाउने गरिएको छ ।
  • 02.11.12
    UNESCO has awarded IPDC prize for Rural Communication 2012 to Community Radio Support Centre (CRSC), a wing of Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ).

    UNESCO decided to award IPDC prize for rural communication jointly to CRSC/NEFEJ and Arid Lands Information Network (Kenya).
  • 14.10.12
    The 27th Annual General Meeting of Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ), held on 12 October 2012, has unanimously elected a 13-member executive committee with Tirtha Koirala as its president. Koirala is currently news and current affair chief of Kantipur Television.
  • 13.10.12
    Gopal Jhapali, a young and upcoming environmental journalist, received the Environmental Journalism Award 2011, established by NEFEJ, for his continuous effort in sensitizing the issues of environmental conservation. 

    Journalist Jhapali is Jhapa based journalist. He is associated with the People's Times Daily, Jhapa and Karobar Daily.

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